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หนัง xxx Yamabuki kyoka's former underground wrestling Queen, Diana. After retiring, Member of a secret death squad am Zola-become. Set the trap a cunning they stand in order to annihilate the evil organization "God wind", but was cut out. And when confronted with Jr President receive the challenge of martial arts. You can win, subjecting the bad guys? If we lose to blame woman's weakness thoroughly. And the end to the strong and the beautiful assassin waiting!

山吹京香は、元地下プロレスの女王、ダイアナ。引退後、秘密暗殺部隊アマゾーラのメンバ ーとなる。悪の組織「ゴッドウィンド」を殲滅させるべく立ち上がるが、狡猾な奴らは罠を仕掛け待ち構えていた。そして会長の直江と対峙した時、格闘技の挑戦を受ける。勝って悪者を服従させる事が出来るか?負けたら女の弱点を徹底的に責められる。強く美しき暗殺者に待ち構える結末とは!?

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