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Yumasa Miwa who is impressive with Bain-chan's expressions can reveal his troubles to his boss. The boss who consulted himself consulted himself to bring herself up to bring out the charm of a woman attracting people involved in work. Looking at her gradually feeling begging to feel like a big big tits also rubbed from the top of the clothes and sucking, the heat of the boss who gets on the momentum, the power of the boss who loses momentum no longer has the ability to resist Yosano's over there I got soaked with scattered bugs, and lastly I got a lot inside. Was Yoshi like this for one?

ボインちゃんで甘えた表情が印象的な美波ゆさちゃんが、仕事の悩みを上司に打ち明けます。 親身になって相談を受けた上司は仕事で関わる人々を惹きつける女の魅力を引き出すために、自ら身体をはってくれることになりました。服の上からも明らかな大きなオッパイを揉みまくられたり、吸われちゃったりして徐々に感じ始める彼女を見て、勢いに乗る熱血上司の攻めに、もはや抵抗する力もなくすゆさちゃんのあそこはもうびちゃびちゃに濡れちゃって、最後は中にいっぱい出してもらいました。これでゆさちゃんも一皮向けたかな?

by JavFast, Javfinder