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It is a plan to pretend to a certain program called "Do you want to go to the house because you pay taxi fee?" To a woman who missed the last train, to call and call her home. There is a human drama for that person's home where there is not enough tidying up. Report Report ① Secure Eiko returning to work in Nakano! ! (21 years old) ② I am living in Nokata soon. I am concerned about the chest of tits while taxi is picked up. He seems to be from Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture. ③ The house is a wider 1DK. Room that likes blue and has sense of unity. You can see a real life feeling when cabaret dresses and comics roll. When I go to bed I am a maniac while looking at the PI. Hobby zones such as travel and football goods are enriched, too. ④ Although I went to Tokyo with my friends, Tokyo seems to have come home because of bad air.

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