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 Takasho is a Blu-ray version of a molester train! 】 In the gravure, Takahashi Syouko was beginning to popularity but was not able to shift from bathing suit to dramatic appearance etc. A girl who rides in a crowded train with the strategy of Tamura, a vice adviser who took notice of it. Fear of a molesting man that I encounter for the first time makes me squish without making a voice! We are finished in a sensitive body with a number of plotting

グラビアでは人気が出始めてた高橋しょう子だったが水着仕事からドラマ出演など華やかな活動へ移行できずに居た。それに目をつけた悪徳プロデューサー田村の策略で満員電車に乗車してしまうしょう子。初めて遭遇する痴漢への恐怖で声も出せずイカされる!幾重もの謀略で敏感な体に仕上げられ by JavFast, Javfinder