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Restraints Female Teacher Big Tits Solo Title Drama Sample Video Product number: adn216 Eri, a Japanese language teacher who is about to marry a colleague teacher. The teacher is a fiancee who begins to speak of job change if he doesn't agree. Eri who likes to teach begins to feel the temperature difference with the fiancee. Under these circumstances, the school clerk Ukai learned about the story, and the relationship between them deepened rapidly, but what Ukai was writing was a sensual novel. Eri is inspired by the novel that Ukai wrote himself as a model, and gradually becomes bolder as the main character of the story

辱め 女教師 巨乳 単体作品 ドラマ サンプル動画 品番: adn216 同僚教師との結婚を間近に控えた国語教師の恵理。教師は割に合わないと転職を口にしはじめる婚約者。教える事が好きな恵理は婚約者との温度差を感じはじめる。そんな中、校務員の鵜飼が物書きと知り、ふたりの仲は急速に深まっていくが、鵜飼が書いていたのは官能小説だった。恵理は鵜飼が自分をモデルに書いた小説に感化され、次第に物語の主人公のように大胆になっていくのだが

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