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[Sakihara Rin Lin's ban] Lynn had a happy day to get married with his boyfriend, but he accidentally dropped his smartphone on his way home from work. Luckily, the next day a woman comes home with a smartphone to her home, and Rin is relieved. However, looking at a woman who smiles in a suspicious atmosphere, it is a sense of incongruity. "Wait a minute. Why did this house know that this is my smartphone ...?" Even though I dropped the smartphone, I was targeted and driven by a lesbian ....

【咲々原リン レズ解禁】リンは彼氏との結婚に向け幸せな日々を送っていたが、仕事帰りにうっかりスマホを落としてしまう。幸いにも、翌日に女性がスマホを家まで届けに来てくれ、ホッと安堵するリン。しかし、怪しげな雰囲気で微笑む女性を見て、ふと過ぎる違和感…。「ちょっと待って。どうしてこの家が、このスマホが私のだって…わかったんですか?」スマホを落としただけなのに、レズビアンに狙われ追い込まれていく…。

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