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Big Tits, Lesbian, Drama, Lesbian Kiss, Sweaty, Sample Video Product number: bban232 [Kosaki Shiori gets upset with lesbians! 】 Sex scandals and drug transactions that you hear behind the world of entertainment. A number of suspicious incidents that never come to light. The investigative organization which got the evidence of the blackout of the back society left Shiori to carry out its serious task. In order to return safely to the former of the lesbian lover who swore marriage, I can not lose it by all means .... Shiki Kamisaki is painted in saliva, it's sweaty, and a serious lesbian drama full of disorder

巨乳,レズ,ドラマ,レズキス,汗だく,サンプル動画 品番: bban232 【神咲詩織がレズで乱れる!】芸能界の裏側で耳にするセックススキャンダルや薬物取引。明るみに出ることのない怪しい事件の数々。その裏社会の黒幕の証拠を掴んだ捜査組織は、詩織にその重大な任務を任せることになった。結婚を誓い合ったレズビアンの恋人の元へ無事帰還するため、絶対に負けられない…。神咲詩織が唾液に塗れ、汗だくになって乱れる渾身の本気レズドラマ

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