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 21-year-old girl with a pretty smile, Remu Mori, enters the AV world as a prestige exclusive actress! A beautiful girl with a dazzling glow exposes bare skin in front of the camera! Soft smile and beautiful eyes that attract people, bust of F cup full of Haritsuya, curiosity for new stimulation .... The pure interest in AV that I had before, the girl who came to check the origin goes for the first taking of tension. The lips gently overlap and warmth is transmitted to the touching skin. Tension fades while Ehime is repeated, and I head for the climax while shaking the body in small steps. An absolute beautiful girl who announces the arrival of a new era descends on the prestige! !

 可憐な笑顔を魅せる21歳の美少女『涼森 れむ』がプレステージ専属女優としてAV界に進出!眩いほどの輝きを放つ美少女がカメラの前に素肌をさらけ出す!人々を魅了する柔らかな微笑みと美しい瞳、ハリツヤ溢れるFカップのバスト、新たな刺激への好奇心…。以前から抱えていたAVへの純粋な興味、その根源を確かめに来た美少女は緊張感漂う初撮りに向かう。唇が優しく重なり、触れ合う肌に温もりが伝わる。愛撫が繰り返されるうちに緊張が薄れ、身体を小刻みに震わせながら絶頂へ向かう…。新時代の到来を告げる絶対的美少女がプレステージに降臨!!

by JavFast, Javfinder