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A man who aims for a pretty and beautiful job woman who has visited. I put a blind spot, and when I apply glaze to chi ● po, I use a sudden back strike instead of lubricating fluid! Although sensitivity resists desperately with pleasure feeling drug which penetrates from inside the vagina though it resists desperately! The work is done by the depth cutting piston which reaches to the womb and it is also upset! A collection of five 'working women' who are made aphrodisiac crazy without time to refuse at the visit destination.

訪ねてきた可愛くて美しい職女を狙う男。死角をついてチ●ポに媚薬を塗り込むと潤滑液代わりにして突然のバック打ち! 必死に抵抗するも膣内からジワジワ浸透する快感ドラッグで感度は急上昇! 子宮まで届く奥挿しピストンで仕事もほったらかしてイキ乱れる! 訪問先で拒否する暇もなく媚薬狂いにさせられた‘働く女’5人収録。

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