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Prestige exclusive actress 'Satomi Yuria' and a glittering moment .... The sex appeared overflowing from the whole body, polished up limbs, provocative look astray the reason. A married woman giving off an obscene aura gets caught in a cowardly cock. Sometime tempts a gentle neighbor and sometimes it attacks Yoshiko with poor physical condition as a nurse. A man drawn to a magical appearance is pleasantly pleasant as he goes instinct, becoming a prisoner of pleasure filled with virtue. Please enjoy married woman Satomi Yuria who is a man who marries with superb physical beauty and fine technique.

プレステージ専属女優『里美 ゆりあ』と艶やかなひと時を…。全身からあふれ出す色気、磨き上げられた肢体、理性を狂わす挑発的な眼差し。淫猥なオーラを放つ人妻は屈強な肉棒に喰らいつく。ある時は心優しい隣人を誘惑し、またある時は体調不良の義子に看病と称して襲い掛かる。妖艶な佇まいに引き寄せられた男は本能の赴くままに快感を貪り、背徳に満ちた悦びの虜になっていく。極上の肉体美と上質なテクニックで男を翻弄する人妻・里美ゆりあをお楽しみください。

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