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Prestige exclusive actress "Minase Nagase" is the manager of the volleyball club! Dedicated support for members who devote themselves to practice! Sharp training is important! Practice your body in fierce practice, refresh time with manager's mouth and tits during break time! Secret training is essential to improve your ability in a short period of time! Plunging Ji ○ To The Manager Co ○ Ma, Whole Body Exercise In The Fero Piston! A manager who takes care of everything from training support to sex processing brings members to a high level! !

プレステージ専属女優『永瀬 みなも』はバレー部のマネージャー!練習に精を出す部員たちを献身的にサポート!強化合宿はメリハリが大事!猛練習で体をイジメ抜き、休憩時間はマネージャーのお口とおっぱいでリフレッシュ!短期間での実力アップには‘秘密の特訓’が必要不可欠!マネージャーのマ○コにチ○コを突っ込み、猛ピストンで全身運動!練習のサポートから性処理までを一手に担うマネージャーが、部員たちを高みへ導く!!

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