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JAV토렌트 "Hohana Sabae" 32-year-old, former race queen. Active from 19 years old, married the president of the affiliated office. Worked as a vice president of the office, was also blessed with a child treasure but divorced because of the affair of her husband. In order to establish his own model office, he decided to appear as a part of raising funds. After divorce, I will work without making a boyfriend or Saffle. The exfoliated body responds to sensitivity only by touching, and drips plenty of joy juice from the genital area. If you say a meat stick after a long time, serve with a keen tongue. Every time the piston that pierces deep into the vagina is pierced repeatedly, sweet breath is leaked and it reaches the top while strongly tightening a meat stick. A beautiful lady who enjoys an extraordinary and sweet stimulation reminds of the joy of 'Onna'.

『穂花 紗江』32歳、元レースクイーン。19歳から活動し、所属事務所の社長と結婚。同事務所の副社長として経営に携わり、子宝にも恵まれたが夫の浮気が原因で離婚。自身のモデル事務所設立を目指し、資金調達の一環として出演を決意した。離婚後は彼氏やセフレを作ることなく仕事一筋。磨き上げられた肢体は触れられただけで過敏に反応し、陰部から多量の愛液を垂らす。久々に肉棒を口にすれば、熱心な舌遣いで奉仕。膣奥深くへ突き刺さるピストンを繰り返されるたびに甘い吐息を漏らし、肉棒を強く締めつけながら絶頂に達する。非日常的で甘美な刺激を堪能した美淑女は‘オンナ’の悦びを思い出していく…。

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