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8 hours best tracing the trajectory of the absolute beauty girl "Haru Saki Ryo" who has a strong determination in the sparkling eyes! From "New · Amateur Girl, I lend you .69", "Girls manager, our sex processing pet. 028", luxuriously gorgeous 6 titles + undisclosed footage carefully selected! The first permanent preservation board filled with all absolute beautiful girls attracting men of the world with neat facial features and slender bodies! !

煌めく瞳に強い決意を秘めた絶対的美少女『春咲 りょう』の軌跡を辿る8時間ベスト!「新・素人娘、お貸しします。69」から「女子マネージャーは、僕達の性処理ペット。 028」まで、豪華絢爛6タイトル+未公開映像を厳選収録!端正な顔立ちとスレンダーボディで世の男性を魅了する絶対的美少女の全てが詰まった永久保存盤第1弾!!

by JavFast, Javfinder