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It is a neat orthodox Pretty girl Airi to have you come today! Mr. Airi usually works as a dental assistant. Dental assistant part-time job seems to have started to work with interest because it is rare. This time of AV shooting, I say that I searched for myself and applied. Whatever you are, Airi-san, "I want to be famous as an AV actress! ] And. There are also favorite AV actresses, and it seems that they often watch AV. The number of experience of such Airi is about five. There are 4 people who have made a relationship. Mostly people who I have a relationship with

本日お越しいただいたのは、清楚な正統派美少女あいりさんです!あいりさんは普段、歯科助手として働いているそう。歯科助手のアルバイトは珍しいことから興味を持って働き始めたそうです。今回のAV撮影は、自ら探して応募したと話します。なんでも、あいりさんは、『AV女優になって有名になりたい!』とのこと。好きなAV女優さんもいて、AVを見ることも多いんだそうです。そんなあいりさんの経験人数は5人くらい。お付き合いした人は4人。 だいたいはお付き合いした人ですが

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