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Exclusive Content Hi-Def (HD) Delivery Only Amateur First Shot Clean Penetration Big Tits Big Ass Currently, she is a 4th grade university student. After graduation, after finding a job at a major trading company, only wait for graduation. In my university life, I also had an experience of being indebted to a boyfriend I met in an event circle, and after leaving I was free. Did you have any resistance today about AV shooting? When I heard that, there was a state where the liver was sitting, saying that "nothing at all". The reason why I decided to appear in the AV first and foremost is said to be clean and around, but it seems that there was a place that I thought to be ... although the true self is different. Yura who talks about wanting to put out true oneself before graduation. Let's get open today in front of the camera! Point the camera and check the body line, smooth skin with plump tits. Yura is attractive from anywhere. When it becomes a figure that sticks out an ugly butt in all fours, a simmering oma ○ this is seen in the buttocks with pruning and firmness, and the color incense is released. She inserts her eyes and pierces her eyes, and she pans to look good. Every time I waved my hips, I was trying to squeeze out the sperm by tightening it to my mother. The true figure of a female college student with a nasty face against a neat appearance is sure to be successful

独占配信 ハイビジョン(HD) 配信専用 素人 初撮り 清楚 ハメ撮り 巨乳 美尻 現在、大学4年生のゆらさん。卒業後は大手の商社に就職が決まり後は卒業を待つのみ。大学生活ではイベントサークルで出会った彼氏に浮気された経験も有り、別れた後はフリーを貫いていたそうです。今日はAV撮影ということで抵抗は無かったんですか?と聞くと「全く無い」と肝が座っているご様子。そもそもAVに出演を決めた理由も、周りに清楚とよく言われるけど本当の自分は違うのに…と思うところがあったそうです。卒業前に本当の自分を出したいと話すゆらさん。今日はカメラの前で開放的になって貰いましょう!カメラを向けてボディラインを確認すると、ふくよかなおっぱいに滑らかな肌。どこから写しても魅力的なゆらさん。四つん這いになって貰いお尻を突き出す体型になるとプルンとしたハリのあるお尻にとろとろのおま○こが見えて色香を放っています。挿入してナカを突きあげると、ぎゅっと目を瞑り気持ち良さそうに喘ぐ彼女。腰を振るたびにギュウギュウに締め付けて精子を搾り取ろうとしていました。清楚な見た目に反して淫乱な一面を持つ女子大生の本当の姿はヌけること間違いなしです

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