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Azusa, an active female college student who talks about sex addiction himself, is too much fun to play a prolific career and ceases sending from her parents and decides to make an AV appearance. While being ashamed, she changed her mind from the moment when she was entangled with a man, and turned her hips by herself and wanted to make a teapot ●! It is a beast just like how many spouts are done many times with a fiercely horny grind attack of a female who is faithful to sexual desire as it is instinct! A super-hot shot of the lewd first time that a man also begs you to want more with the swaying hips of Tajiji!

自らセックス依存症と豪語する現役女子大生の「あずさ」は遊びすぎて留年し親から仕送りを止められAV出演を決意。恥じらいながらも男と絡み合った瞬間から豹変し、自ら腰をくねらせチ●ポを欲しがり求めまくる!本能のまま性欲に忠実なメスの激しく淫らなグラインド攻撃で何度もイキまくる様はまさに獣! 男もタジタジのえげつない腰振りでもっとほしいとおねだりするスケベぶりを大激撮!

by JavFast, Javfinder