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エロ まん か 先生 Maiko Ayase 47-year-old helps the development of the thin condom third! In order to investigate the durability of the rubber, I borrowed this Ayase ● ● This is a piston investigation in the office on weekdays. The actors are rushed so quickly that they can break the rubber, and the massive squirting is scattered around the office by rolling up endlessly during work! Beyond the comfort of sexual intercourse with my husband ... the most exciting day in my 47-year life.

綾瀬麻衣子47歳 第3弾は薄型コンドーム開発のお手伝い!ゴムの耐久性を調べる為に綾瀬のま●こをお借りして平日の社内でピストン調査。男優達に矢継ぎ早に/ゴムが破ける程激しく突かれ業務中エンドレスに絶頂しまくりで社内にまき散らす大量潮吹き!旦那との性交の気持ちよさを超え…47年間の人生で一番イッた日―。

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