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Although I was working hard to make a child, it was not easy to receive it, and when I examined it, my daughter was so-called infertility. A sad reality that was confronted by a well-meaning daughter couple. After having troubled with their daughters, they reached a conclusion. One night, my daughter and wife were gazing at my mother's face with a mysterious appearance. Medical certificate of infertility at hand. My daughter said to Minako who was jealous of sudden things. Please give birth to my child by my mother. Minako had no choice but to understand that she didn't want to see the sad face of her beloved daughter. A few days later, Minako's possible pregnancy date was checked, and that day was finally reached. While being watched by the daughter, act with the daughter niece. Although they were tense to each other, their spirits were released into Minako safely. And a few months later. A child who has landed safely and is surely growing up in Minako. As if it matched the growth, the woman in Minako also began to wake up ....


by JavFast, Javfinder