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Cast: Yuri Sajara directed by: -- Series: Black English Conversation NTR Manufacturer: Ones Factory Label: WANZ Genre: Black actor, Married woman, Single piece, Laying off, Cum Inside, Cream Pie, Decachin / Cocks, Sample Movie Product code: wanz793 I married my wife Yuri two years ago. Yuri originally worked as a narrator and was closed after marriage but as a result of my family job, I got to work English as a part of my job as a part time job. One day, I passed by a black person near my house, and when I came home, it was said that two cups were uneasy on the table and it was said that they were studying English conversation with a black lecturer in the room. While I did not know, my wife knew that he had given him a black man at home and he began to overflow from my heart.

出演者: 紗々原ゆり 監督: —- シリーズ: 黒人英会話NTR メーカー: ワンズファクトリー レーベル: WANZ ジャンル: 黒人男優,人妻,単体作品,寝取り・寝取られ,中出し,デカチン・巨根,サンプル動画 品番: wanz793 妻ゆりとは2年前に結婚した。ゆりは元々ナレーターの仕事をしていて結婚後は休業していたが家計の足しになればとアルバイト感覚で受けた仕事が英文の為、英会話に通う事になった。ある日、自宅近くで黒人とすれ違い、帰宅するとテーブルにはカップが2つ不安になり問いただすと黒人の講師と部屋で英会話の勉強をしていたと言われる。自分の知らない間に妻が自宅に黒人男をあげていると知り言い知れぬ不安が心から溢れ始めた…。

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