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China is a Chinese married wife, Rin Chan, who came from somewhere in the famous tourist resort. My husband seems to be a Japanese. It seems that the pronunciation of the anti-state is "Hanjou", I will study. Japanese is quite suspicious, but China is ahead of H in terms of things. I study the Japanese customs considerably, there is atmosphere that is winding up gold. Although it seems to be shooting a camera for the first time, it is supposed to be a production ban, without worrying about it, but from the flirting in the bath Nurutsu inserts raw chin ... It is a serious tightness! Usually even in the health play OK 3 ... The eyes seemed to be AV shooting of something something, but ... if you release 3 as expected ... your head will be Baud

中国は観光地で有名な抗州のどこかからやってきた支那人人妻の琳チャン。旦那は日本人だそうです。抗州の発音は「ハンジョウ」だそうです、勉強になります。日本語はかなり怪しいですが、Hなことに関しては中国は先んじております。日本の風俗をかなり研究して、金を巻き上げている雰囲気があります。 カメラ撮影は初めてだそうですが、特に気にすることもなく、本番禁止のはずですが、お風呂でのいちゃつきからニュルッと生チン挿入…マジ締りイイです!!通常ヘルスプレイでも挿入OK…3発目はなんかフツーのAV撮影みたいでしたが…さすがに3発出すと頭がボーとします…

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