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Nice to meet you! It is called TOKI of Nampa history 5 years. Acting mainly on the street pampers. Often it is Nanpa in the Kanto region, but also in the rural areas too often (unexpectedly local people are higher probability w). I will try Nanpa aiming at only cute girls without compromising, so please do not m (__) m The first person to commemorate is Sano Hiroko like this! ← Personally (haha). I came to Nanpa in Yokohama! Because I was sitting alone at the station, I marked it and stayed around smartly for nearly 30 minutes. I tried to do a thing by saying "Do not have this time", it seemed weak in pushing with the atmosphere that I thought it was slightly fluffy, so this time I succeeded successfully without difficulty w It looks like I think that it is Hiro Sano, Mr. Toda Megumi incense! In a gap girls are going to the toilet, a few small cameras are installed and taken hidden w In a delicate body, it is not a type that puts out much pleasure in the table, but real sex of a teenage girl was able to be taken

はじめまして!ナンパ歴5年のTOKIといいます。ストリートナンパを中心に活動してます。関東でナンパすることが多いですが、たまーに地方にも(意外と地方の方が高確率だったりw)。妥協なしで可愛い子だけを狙ってナンパしていきますので、どうぞよろしくですm(__)m記念すべき1人目は、佐野ひ〇こ似!←個人的に(笑)。横浜でナンパしてきました!駅で一人で座り込んでいたのでマークしていると、30分近くスマホいじりっぱなし。「これは暇してるな」ってことでナンパしてみると、案の定wちょっとフワ~ッとした雰囲気で押しに弱そうだったんで、今回は意外とすんなり成功しちゃいましたw見た目的には佐野ひ〇こ、戸田恵〇香 系だと思います!女の子がトイレに行ってる隙に、小型カメラを数個設置して隠し撮りw華奢な身体で、あまり快感を表に出すタイプではありませんが、10代の女の子のリアルなSEXが撮れましたw

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