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A stupid project saying to a woman who goes to the city and seeing the rough tin "Do not you see me coarse rough tin?" This time, it became the prey for this project is Oito Yayoi chan who seems to be nice personality and beautiful! Saying suddenly, I was told to look at Chi-Po, and it's confusing Yayoi-chan. I thought that I was going to take care of the fee somehow and finished shooting safely, the girl who was planning to shoot after this, can not come and I will take a picture with Yayoi chan instead! It was Yayoi chan who took a picture shoot well, but as the shooting progressed, it got in a state it could not be pulled out, and it ended up finishing inside the crowd after all. To Yayoi who is weak in pushing, I'd like to have my rough chick of my time carefully and enjoy it


by JavFast, Javfinder