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Maiko Izumi of a long body model again appears in HEYZO! I do not usually drink much in front of people, but today it is drinking with men and three people. Marika who starts taking a pose in response to a request whether it gradually gets pleasantly "model-like" for both men who pulls down and gradually praises them. Although the number of experienced people seems to be only two, is it a surprisingly good impression if you try shaking down the neta? She seems to love it very much. When I showed the cock in the king's game, it seemed deliciously pacpaku Pelopeo deliciously seemingly because alcohol was going around. Marika will surely be a girl who will feel horny when drunk.

長身モデル体型の泉麻里香ちゃんがまたまたHEYZOに登場!普段はあまり人前で飲むことは少ないらしいですが、今日は男性と3人で晩酌です。下心丸出しの男二人に散々「モデルみたい」と褒めちぎられながら、だんだんと気をよくしてきたのか リクエストに応えてポーズをとりはじめる麻里香ちゃん。経験人数は二人だけらしいですが、下ネタを振ってみると意外に好印象?エッチはとっても大好きらしいです。王様ゲームでチンチンを見せつけると、お酒もまわっているせいかあっさりとパクパクペロペロ美味しそうに頬張ってくれました。きっと麻里香ちゃんは、酔っぱらうとエッチな気分になっちゃう女の子なんでしょう。

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