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Miomi Sonoda said that one year has passed since his debut. Two people have experienced before debut. Of course, since I had only played normal, I experienced various things at once and I look back that it was surprising days. Although it was passive in private sex, it is said that after starting work he began to think about being able to be opponent. Although I was calm when listening to the story, I felt like a grown-up person, but when I sat next to it, I got stabbed and I felt restless with the feeling that I do not know what to do. When asking "Is the erogenous zone?", He says, "Although I have ears, it makes me feel comfortable if I feel like that when I feel like that ..." I still have a glimpse of the innocence of 20 years old and it is very lovable. Well then, when I kissed my ears, I smiled as if I were shy at first, but when I kissed naturally, my eyes changed to Tron and my facial expression changed. Breasts of thin cubed stomach and unbalanced G cups. When looking at underwear appearance, you still have a style that is far from that of an ordinary person. When you stroke your nipple, it reacts quickly and fluffy soft boobs shake with pruns.


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