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As a husband 's wife, I was watching the state of my wife looking happy, starting a convenience store with a couple starting with despaira as a trigger. I worked well with my part-time job manager Kimura-kun, but I was relieved ... Recently, I was hit by the fact that his wife and Kimura-kun were a seff ... ... My husband's face does not show me a shit A wife who fells blown away by a poor wife! A man under the age and under the aunt was announced a chest feces video of Annan panting horny wife ..

脱サラをきっかけに夫婦でコンビニ経営を始め、楽しそうにやっている妻の様子を、夫の私としては、微笑ましく見守っていました。アルバイトの木村くんとも仲良く働いていたので安心していたのですが…最近、その妻と木村くんがセフレだという事実をつきつけられてしまい…旦那の俺には見せない表情でクソガキバイトのチ○ポでイキ堕ちていやがる妻!身分も年齢も下の男にアンアン喘ぐ淫乱妻の胸糞動画を見せつけられてしまった…。 by JavFast, Javfinder