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She was a close friend of a close friend who missed the last train and was able to stay at home suddenly if we had a drinking party with a friend. If I was drinking lightly at home, I got drunk gradually, it seemed strangely sexy, I could not stand it skillfully plucked out words and if I had been saddled again and again till the morning ... the next morning my boyfriend my best friend I worried about her and came searching for my house

友達と飲み会をしていたら終電を逃してしまい急遽家に泊める事になった親友の彼女。家でも軽く飲み直していたら徐々に酔いも回ってきて、妙に色っぽく見えてきて、我慢できずに言葉巧みに口説いて、朝まで何度も何度もハメていたら…翌朝、彼氏である親友が彼女の事を心配してボクの家まで探してやって来た!急いで部屋の中に隠れてその場をやり過ごし、親友に隠れてまでエッチをしたくなるくらいボクにハマっちゃったみたい! by JavFast, Javfinder