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At the Shinjuku station bus stop near the bus stop, "I will pay for the bus fee so please cooperate in the interview" Her name is "Hikaru" is 23 years old. My job is to open a pharmaceutical company ♪ It was said that he was coming to Tokyo from Nagano on a business trip this time. So I had carry-back and Tokyo ba-n in a suit wearing ♪ I was about to return to Nagano from now but I got a cooperation in shooting because there is a little time before departure ♪ I have a boyfriend Hikaru says that sex is incredible. "It is so-called sexless w" and she talks with a smile on her smile. It is said that loneliness not being opposed to your boyfriend and open sexuality to sex work together when you visit Tokyo at work ♪ You are hanging out with a club in Roppongi and enjoying one night's sex w The gap with the suit decided bishito is erotic w So please have a great evening tonight ♪

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