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This time Nampa TV starts from Shimokitazawa! ! Although the recording was lunch time on weekday, students in uniforms and fashionable girls wondering about shopping districts and shops that are crowded with many people! Meanwhile, Nanpa girl who got this time is a large sunglasses at the dumpling head, a long skirt on the old clothing T shirt, and Yuchan (20) wrapped in a perfect fashion for this Shimokitazawa! It seems that I usually work part time at a tapioca drink specialty shop, and it seems that today it came over at the end of the byte at this place. In private, he has six months of dating, currently living together with two people. She is exactly happy, but she seems to be cheating up hiding from her. It seems that Yu - chan who loves him is cheating with the look which he does not see even if he is cheating, but the inside of my heart is full of moyamoya. Furthermore, frustration enough for Yu - chan himself to etch on week 4 for the first time.

by JavFast, Javfinder