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Cast: Mai Asakura Director: Kiruru Kawaguchi Series: - Manufacturer: Premium Label: Strongly noble beauties Genre: Humiliation Female Investigator Single body Cum Inside Pissing Squirting Squirting Digimo Sample Movie Part number: prtd 019 Investigator · Asakura who infiltrated the organization which made the woman pleasantly with a special aphrodisis promoting abnormal fluid secretion and succeeded in rescuing victims. However, it was delayed by escape by an investigation which showed himself, and it was caught. Asukura who was remodeled as a whole-body pleasure incontinence constitution with neither a bad aphrodisiac nor a trained body receives incontinence pissing, massive squirting, abnormal perspiration ... and a pleasant accident exceeding the limits of the human body. A young veteran elite who has never failed until now has been made into a toy of a foreign road

出演者: 麻倉憂 監督: きとるね川口 シリーズ: —- メーカー: プレミアム レーベル: 強く気高い美女たち ジャンル: 辱め 女捜査官 単体作品 中出し 放尿 潮吹き デジモ サンプル動画 品番: prtd019 異常な体液分泌を促す特殊な媚薬で女を快楽漬けにしていた組織に潜入し、被害者たちの救出に成功した捜査官・麻倉。しかし身を呈した捜査により逃げ遅れ、捕らえられてしまう。極悪媚薬には訓練した体も通じず、全身快感失禁体質に改造された麻倉は失禁放尿、大量潮吹き、異常発汗…と人体の限界を超えた快感責めを受ける。今まで一度の失敗もない若きベテランエリートが外道どもの玩具にされ…。

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