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Prestige exclusive actress "Yoshikawa lotus" spreads sexual intercourse of sweaty juice! Sweat, saliva, love juice, tide. Use all the body fluid secreted from the body, drag out each other's secret sexual desire! Licking like bodily fluid that seeps out from the whole body, licking it, entwining saliva by entangling the tongue with a kiss. From the genital pudenda, a tremendous amount of tide blows out repeatedly cums repeatedly! Every time we meet each other, the excitement rises, and intense pleasures are carved into that body with intense body interactions .... All body fluids dyeing lustful body lead to the pleasure point where you could not know Yoshikawa lotus until now! !

プレステージ専属女優『吉川 蓮』が汗だく汁だくの濃密性交を繰り広げる!汗・唾液・愛液・潮。身体から分泌される体液を存分に使い、互いの秘めた性欲を引きずり出す!全身から滲み出る体液を貪るように舐め合い、キスで舌を絡ませて唾液を絡めていく。潤いを増す陰部からは、おびたただしい量の潮が吹き出し何度も絶頂を繰り返す!交わり合う度に興奮は高まり、激しい体の交わり合いで濃密な快楽をその身に刻み込まれていく…。淫美なカラダを染め上げる体液全てが、吉川蓮を今まで知り得なかった快楽の境地へと導く!!

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