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Prestige exclusive actress 'Yoshikawa Ren' fascinates one-on-one gachinko sex which goes out of control with instinct bare! Four chosen men bump their minds and bodies, giving the best pleasure! A remarkable face without embellishment emerges as shameful and pleasant as it mixes, and an obscene nature is revealed by a piston that repeats endlessly. 'M' dedicating everything of myself and 'S' responding to opponent's pleasure, extreme sexes open up new grounds .... I noticed my own change in the AV industry who stepped in with curiosity and determined to make a further leap. Every time I know a new aspect, I will release that erotic secret! Directed · No script at all! Simple and the ultimate sex is here! !

プレステージ専属女優『吉川 蓮』が本能剥き出しで乱れ狂う1対1のガチンコセックスを魅せつける!選ばれし4名の男が心と体をぶつけ合い、最高の快楽を与える!恥じらいと悦びが入り混じるほどに飾ることのない素顔が現れ、延々と繰り返されるピストンによって淫猥な本性が暴かれる。己の全てを捧げる‘M’と相手の悦びに応える‘S’、両極端な性が新境地を切り開く…。好奇心で足を踏み入れたAV業界で自分自身の変化に気付き、さらなる飛躍を決意した。新たな一面を自らが知るたびに、その身に秘めたエロスを解き放っていく!演出・台本一切無し!シンプルかつ究極のセックスがここにある!!

by JavFast, Javfinder