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Prestige exclusive actress "Aiyo Kurara" appears in the popular series "New Absolute Bishoujo, I will lend you!" Delivery of a shy and pretty girl who is overriding a horny aura to an amateur man house! Even when you get nervous before you get home, if you kiss your skin and kiss it, it changes into a scapegoat! While staring straight at the eyes filled with lubricant, irritate every corner carefully with lumping lips! Pleasure delivering a sweet breath at melting caress to Mako, insert a gutsy gangcha! While strongly holding an amateur men who sway hardly, they reached the cum together with us! Magical Onna who combines absolute beauty and technique grasps the heart and body of an amateur male

プレステージ専属女優『愛世 くらら』が人気シリーズ「新・絶対的美少女、お貸しします。」に登場!エッチなオーラを放ち過ぎている恥ずかしがり屋な美少女を素人男性宅へデリバリー!家に着く前から緊張しっぱなしでも、肌を合わせてキスすれば豹変!潤んだ瞳でまっすぐ見つめながら、ぽってりした唇でじっくり隅々まで刺激!とろけたマ○コへの愛撫で甘い吐息を漏らしながら悦び、ガッチガチなチ○コを挿入!熱心に腰を振る素人男性を強く抱き寄せながら、ふたり一緒に絶頂へ到達!絶対的な美貌とテクニックを兼ね備えた魔性のオンナが素人男性の心とカラダをガッチリ掴む

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