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"Rumi Yuuka" 35 years old, a nurse. My 5th year married with my husband as a hospitalized patient. Contrary to the calm couple life, I am chased by day and night hard work, and I shuffle with shopping for stress release. He said he has applied for financing. As we refer to themselves as "service-oriented de M", serve in the back of the throat wrapped in excessive saliva if you give me a stick. In Ira Michio it is joyfully caught while drooling a slime and trembling at the caress repeatedly and endlessly. Every time the piston accelerates, it expresses an ecstatic expression and immerses himself in pleasure while raising his voice to the peak of many times. Beautiful lady seeking intense stimulation to a frustrated body exposes all her desire not to be hidden ....

『蓮美 柚香』35歳、看護師。入院患者として出会ったご主人とは結婚5年目。穏やかな夫婦生活に反して日夜激務に追われており、ストレス発散のための買い物で散財。資金調達のために応募してきたという。自らを「奉仕好きのドM」と称するとおり、肉棒を差し出せば過剰なほどの唾液で包みながら喉奥で奉仕。イラマチオではだらだらと涎を垂らしながら嬉々として咥え込み、延々と繰り返される愛撫で腰を震わせる。ピストンが加速するたびに恍惚の表情を浮かべ、幾度もの絶頂に声を張り上げながら悦びに浸る。欲求不満な身体への強烈な刺激を求めていた美淑女は隠し切れぬ欲望全てをさらけ出す…。

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