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Cast: Maki Kudo Director: Masaru Panther Series: - Maker Prestige Label: KANBi Category: Married, Single Work, Drama, Cream Pies, Squirting, Deep Throating, Sample Movie Product code: 118dtt004 It was from the time that my husband's home time began to be delayed due to my work because Kudo who spends peaceful days cracked. My wife, Manami, who had been dissatisfied, brought a friend's invitation and visited the host club. The feeling of comfort that I felt in the place where I was shunned as "waste of money" and the gentleness of No.2 host · Jun remained in her heart, and Manami himself took contact with Jun. Even if Jun intrudes into his house, even if you request a relationship of your body, Major does not refuse it ... Fine .... Manami who remembered the pleasure as a woman repeatedly pays off debts that can not be repaid, and he continues to fall in love with Jun. At such time, Jun who grabbed a pleasant 'neta' collaborates with Josiah of No. 1 host and starts to put an end to the false happiness that manami is immersed

出演者: 工藤まなみ 監督: マサルパンサー シリーズ: —- メーカー: プレステージ レーベル: KANBi ジャンル: 人妻,単体作品,ドラマ,中出し,潮吹き,イラマチオ,サンプル動画 品番: 118dtt004 平穏な日々を過ごす工藤夫妻に亀裂が入ったのは、仕事を理由に夫の帰宅時間が遅くなり始めてからだった…。不満を募らせていた妻・まなみは友人の誘いに乗って、ホストクラブへ足を運んだ。「お金の無駄」と敬遠していた場所で感じた心地良さとNo.2ホスト・淳の優しさが彼女の心に残り、まなみ自ら淳に連絡を取ってしまう。淳が自宅へ押し入っても体の関係を要求してきても、まなみは拒むどころか言いなりに…。女としての悦びを思い出したまなみは返済する当てのない借金を重ね、どんどん淳に惚れ込んでいく。そんな時、愉快な‘ネタ’を掴んだ淳はNo.1ホストのヨシヤと共謀し、まなみが浸る偽りの幸福に終止符を打つべく動き出す…。

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