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"Riko Koho" 35 years old, a manner lecturer. Everyday it has fallen into sexual loss with birth two years ago and overseas business trips by her husband, confusing the desire to recruit with their own hands. Despite anxiety and embarrassment, I decided to appear, dreaming of "sex with AV actor". The expression that seemed to have been the first time in 2 years was a color of tension, and even a masturbation which is a daily routine was not left unchanged. However, if you repeatedly stimulate soft bare skin, gradually regain calmness, and shake the cheeks with red cheeks. I chewed the heat of the cock inserted after a long time, reached the cum shivering while trembling the body. A beautiful lady who is hungry for carnivories strikes the stimulus she wants and soaks in excessive pleasure ....

『奏 莉子』35歳、マナー講師。2年前の出産とご主人の海外出張を機にセックスレスに陥り、募る欲求を自らの手で紛らわす日々が続いている。不安や恥ずかしさはあるものの、「AV男優とのセックス」を夢見て出演を決意した。2年ぶりのセックスを控えた表情は緊張の色が濃く、日課であるオナニーすらもままならない状況。しかし、柔らかな素肌へじっくりと刺激を重ねれば徐々に落ち着きを取り戻し、頬を赤く染めながら嬌声を発する。久々に挿し込まれた肉棒の熱を噛み締め、小刻みに体を震わせながら絶頂へ到達。肉欲に飢えた美淑女は望んでいた刺激に巡り合い、過剰な程の悦びに浸っていく…。

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