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ดู หนัง โป๊ Tsubasa Narimiya, 34-year-old wife who works as a professor secretary of a famous university hospital. There is a desire for AV appearance from 10 years ago, this time I can not suppress my feelings by all means this time I decided to apply for appearance myself. Sex with the AV actor I saw up to a dream, trembling the body sensitively just by touching the light hands, entwining glossy lips and tongue, turning the soft breasts carefully. A large amount of love fluid overflows from the genital region, and the wife who was alive with crunchy pleaes herself to the back with a tremendous sound, begging herself for a meat stick. When I push out a beautiful buttocks with a feeling of flesh and receive a meat stick, I will go crazy with instinct with the piston that pierces deep into the vagina deeply! Shame play in the cafe, masturbation & blowjob in the toilet, etc., the sensitive wife is transformed into an obstinate with no sexual desire bottom on the stage of the yearning that turned to over 10 years!

『成宮つばさ』34歳、有名大学病院の教授秘書として働く奥様。10年前からAV出演への願望があり、今回どうしても自分の気持ちを抑えきれず自ら応募して出演を決意。夢にまで見たAV男優とのセックス、軽く手が触れるだけで敏感に身体を震わせ、艶のある唇と舌を絡め合い、柔らかな乳房をじっくりと撫で回す。 陰部から多量の愛液が溢れ出し、クンニでイキ果てた奥様は、自ら肉棒を懇願し凄まじい音と共に奥まで頬張る。肉感ある美尻を突き出し肉棒を迎え入れると膣奥深く突き刺さるピストンで本能のままイキ狂う!カフェでの羞恥プレイ、トイレでのオナニー&フェラ等、10年越しに叶った憧れの舞台で敏感奥様が性欲底無しの淫獣に豹変する!

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