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The best 8 hours to follow the track of the absolute beautiful girl "Fujie Fujie" that enlivens all who see in warm air! [New face prestige exclusive debut] [Women's manager, our sex processing pet. 033] Until, carefully selected recording of luxury + 6 titles + unreleased video! The permanent preservation board first edition that is full of everything from the 'Genuine' pretty girl who does not get dyed to anyone! !

温かな空気で観る者全てを虜にする絶対的美少女『藤江 史帆』の軌跡を辿る8時間ベスト!【新人 プレステージ専属デビュー】から【女子マネージャーは、僕達の性処理ペット。 033】まで、豪華絢爛6タイトル+未公開映像を厳選収録!何者にも染まらぬ‘純正’美少女の全てが詰まった永久保存盤第1弾!!

by JavFast, Javfinder