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This project is planned to challenge the first inverse Nan of life for "girls who are not immunized with men" so-called girls (pure system lady) because they grew up girls' school and have boyfriends for several years. Pure lady can succeed the inverse Nan of the first life, can you get a man! What? And what is SEX of pure young lady! RESEARCH START ♪ This girl is Momoka who goes to a certain art college in Tokyo (20). Suddenly he was able to speak, and he was able to respond to our request while wearing a lump. It is fairly white and it can be burnt soon on the sun so it is necessary to have a parasol

この企画は女子校育ちや数年彼氏が居ないなどの理由で“男に免疫がない女子”いわゆる純嬢(純粋系お嬢様)に人生初の逆ナンに挑戦してもらうという企画です。果たして純嬢は人生初の逆ナンを成功させ、男をゲットできるのか!?そして純嬢のSEXとは如何ほどのものなのか!RESEARCH START♪今回の純嬢は都内の某美術大学に通うももかちゃん(20)。突然声をかけられ、ビクつきながらも我々の求めに応じてくれました。色白ですぐ日に焼けてしまうので日傘が欠かせないのだとか
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