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This project is a plan to have a 20 year old girl who has never drunk alcohol shoot a place to drink alcohol and to bake out a stellar nature that is suppressed daily by familiar drinks. I am looking for targets in this fashionable city · Roppongi this time. When asking for an interview with a college student, Tsuchan who came out from the museum, she responded pleasantly to Nikoniko. Tzu who said that she went to see the human body exhibition at the museum. A little wonder-related girls say "I am concerned about the contents of human beings." By saying that the age is 20 years old, "If you have drunk drinks?" Confirm, "There is"! finished. Everything is done. . I also have to find out what pinpointing people such as "a girl who has never drunk at 20 years old" from Ichi ... while thinking "What type of alcohol do you drink?" "I do not have alcohol" Is not it non - al! Stuff shaken by a wonder-like Suzu chan. Anyway, there is no way to miss this "girl who has never drunk at the age of 20", so it is a matter of negotiation immediately. "Will you let me shoot the drinking place for the first time because the program fee?" "Yes", the negotiations end. No, it's getting fastest in the history. I surely left a doubt in the mother's womb. Interview lightly even on the way to going to buy sake. Then, "paint sake instead of make-up water" or "Even if you paint every day, it will become oe", it is quite interesting person. Purchased a large amount of alcohol in convenience stores. While waiting for an intersection ♪ funny remarks ♪ Please confirm details with the main part. I have not finished drinking yet, but I took a finished Tsu - chan as if I was already drunk, and the party went to the hotel. First time sweet start of hangatsu ★ ★ 【1】 like white and dark 【2】 (because it was broken with Cappissus) It is tasty 【3】 It is different from ordinary calipus drinking after all, you drink alcohol I feel it [4] Although the wine is not tasty, I do not know the taste well. [5] My boyfriend is not here. I parted three months ago 【6】 Why did you break up? I want to come to Tokyo w [7] The number of contacts is five [8] The face has gotten hot in half an hour w [9] I got to have fun more ♪ I got to want to drink more [10] Number of experienced people? About 11 soccer teams www [11] Masturbation everyday before going to bed w [12] Because it masturbates with electric money everyday, it is troubling to lose the battery immediately [13] The erogenous zones will change according to the day ♪ [14] Today I'm a systemic tone w even a drunk person [15] I also have a vibe. W ○ [16] If you have warmth in the vibe you can sleep soundly. Now I am sleeping holding the nose of an elephant stuffed animal w [17] I will want to eat when I see the dildo ♪ Can I eat it? w 【18】 It plunges into the glans head w [19] I want you to put out the sperm in the nose ♪ 【20】 I wish it would be fine if I received an electric message OK, can I come to the toilet? 【21】 When I noticed I was asleep in the bathroom 【22】 Why did you wear pants? "Answer" 【23】 "Oh, my nipples got broken" 【24】 Please hit forever 【25】 I wound up with electric and hand man many times 【26】 I want to lick it ○ It became ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Suzu who became the first explosion and also the mood and libido became an explosion. Originally metamorphosis was high, but with the power of alcohol it is not enough just to be inserted in ♪ __ __ __ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 Libido monster! ! Lastly I enjoyed not only sake but also sperm and I was satisfied Tsu.


by JavFast, Javfinder