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Grandpa, grandma love ". While admiring, "How much you love Ho!?" Is said quickly, "Do not really do anything, just go? If you really want to go, it's okay with 20 thousand." This is a chance and a bidding from the envelope with 20,000 Hirari, "Eh, I'm just gonna go ..." negotiations are in effect. It is quite difficult to push and I can expect expectation. When I enter Love Ho, I am curious about Mr. Riri who is interesting, he wandering around the interior of Lob Ho everywhere, "What happened?" "Actually ... Hotel ... It is the first time

なんでも「おじいちゃん、おあばちゃん大好き」なんですって、いやぁ良い娘だ。感心しながらも「いくらでラブホ!?」の話を早速すると「本当に何もしないで、行くだけ?本当に行くだけだったら2万でOKですよ。」これはチャンスと封筒から札束だして2万をヒラリ、「えー、本当に行くだけですよ…」交渉成立です。 by JavFast, Javfinder