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Drastic deep wife's drago dragging out sexual desire! A humble wife Hina who is modest and elegant. However, the inhabitants that lurk behind it can not be hidden completely. Although I showed a shameful face with multiple sticks in his eyes, I immediately crowded the cock with a stingy expression and gave a whisper of Yodare. Shaking the sensitive body and blowing the tide, I will bloom the transformation habits one after another with the directive order. While screaming enough to forget the love affair with her husband while watching seriously crazy married woman, be sure to watch out for any irresistible disorder!

素朴な奥さんのドロドロ性欲を引きずり出して激写! 控えめで上品な佇まいの人妻ひなさん。だがその裏に潜むチ●ポ狂いの本性は隠しきれなかった。複数の他人棒を目にして恥じらいの顔を見せたものの、すぐに陶然とした表情で肉棒を頬張り随喜のヨダレを滴らせる。敏感な体を震わせて潮を吹き散らし、監督命令で次々と変態性癖を開花させてゆく。夫との愛の営みを忘れるほど絶叫しながら本気でイキ狂う人妻の、どうしようもない乱れっぷりは必見!

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