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A fair and shy woman 'Jun' is 24 years old. Occupation is a secretary of a small company. However, there are few jobs as a secretary, and only jobs such as clerical work are done. The motive for the application is because I want money with a monthly salary. Asking about my boyfriend, "I do not have a boyfriend ... I have a husband (lol)" and a married woman who is married w I have been married for about a year. A person who wishes to etch once a week. When asked about it, "Honest enough is missing ... The husband is satisfied just because I took it in. I still have not done anything yet ... I guess that it is a blow job and a mouth I will not kiss you too .... It is the extreme of dissatisfaction (lol) "It is a terrible husband w If you are invited by other men, it seems that you are frustrated enough to go on without getting lost w I want money I told you that I'm sure you wanted to make an etiquette w I will buy that saved erotic ♪

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