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Miki Iiyakari came over by a girl who is perfect for amateurs, in an ornamental, rustic atmosphere. In addition to appearance, work is part-time job at book stores, hobbies are shopping at reading (about five books a week as much as they read more), watching movies and contents are rustic. Such a nice guy, surprisingly the voice volume is great. Often it is surprising customers to shout out loudly unintentionally during a bite. The person himself seems to be a little complex, but from around it is popular, and from the shouting loud voice it is called with a nick called "LIKE CRY · MEE" with half the meaning of half-hearted from the shouting loud voice ing. But the voices shown in bytes are only a part. The real power of Mr.'s voice was not such a thing. Her way of gauging, voice volume, voice color, behavior, very erotic. Sometimes we shout, raise a voice that seems to be in the bottom of my mind, as if I'm tasting enough pleasures sometimes not of this world. It seems that it does not matter whether the camera turns or not. It seems as if you were possessed by a devil.

by JavFast, Javfinder