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Several years after marriage, when sex with a husband who did not fit from the beginning can not be endured for a long time, what are the wives doing against the unknown man during the day? Dating, Nampa Instant Jam, AV Appearance Appearance ... .... There is a word of a Buddha that I do not know, it is not known. Four hours that photographed the reality that her husband might have been happier to know.

結婚後、数年が経ち、初めから合わなかった夫とのセックスの相性にいよいよ我慢ができなくなったとき、妻たちは昼間、知らない男を相手に何をしているのか? 出会い系、ナンパ即ハメ、AV応募出演……。見ぬもの清し、知らぬが仏なんて言葉がある。夫にとっては知らないほうが幸せだったかもしれない現実を写した4時間。

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