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Director: Takeshi Yamashiro Series: My husband is lying down on a crowded bus Manufacturer: SWITCH Label: SWITCH (SWITCH) Genre: Housewife Big Boobs Planning Product code: 1sw 577 A crowded busy young couple. Frustful wife in sexual life is excited at the body of a man other than her husband who comes into close contact with her sexual excitement. As the husband pushes the butt against other men so as not to be bald, it gets more and more excited to Ji ゚ that erects react quickly. I tasted the cheeks that came out of the trousers with the butt, gripped it, guided it to the wet crotch and got caught on the spot.

監督: 山城猛 シリーズ: 満員バスで夫が横にいるのに メーカー: SWITCH レーベル: SWITCH(SWITCH) ジャンル: 人妻 巨乳 企画 品番: 1sw577 満員バスの若夫婦。性生活に欲求不満な奥さんは密着してくる夫以外の男の体にドキドキもっこり股間に興奮が止まらない。旦那にバレないように尻を他の男に押し付けくねくね動かすとたちまち勃起反応するチ○ポにますます興奮。ズボンからにょっきり出たチ○ポを尻で味わい握りしめ濡れたお股に導きその場でヤッちゃった。

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