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When my boss told me they do not have a party at the hot springs, if my boss likes it, it is a story of a salary rise and some minor downwards and a couple participated. The boss is a bad person who is quite unpretentious, I thought it would be okay if I was a multiplayer, but in fact the bosses and their lovers, we and the couple 4 people. Although I thought it was awkward for flukes, somehow it persuaded my wife and a banquet was started. The battle started to rise, the boss's mistress slept in a sleep. A drunk boss began to say things. I want to see the acts of our husband and wife. I tried to refuse to falling, but Nantes wife is OK. We are going to act in front of our boss. However, I was excited to be drunk and excited to see other people's eyes, my wife began seeking actively, asking if my boss saw it closer or excited, I tasted my boss's tea spot I started to lick it. As a result my wife was a saddled wife. Certainly until now my wife was only acting fancy, so it was a shock when I saw my wife who feels so pleasant. And I was amazed by myself being excited as I was being held by my boss. I do not know how many times I put out that day after all. However, we have become more love love couple than ever.


by JavFast, Javfinder